Disney Princesses

Cinderella had a dream and she made it a reality,

Through her kindness, love and courage,

And through her prosperity.

Snow White ate a poisonous apple and was in a sleeping enchantment,

But because she was kind, innocent and loving,

Her prince came and her dream came true in amazement.


Belle was a beautiful town girl who fell in love with a beast,

Sweet and innocent and beautiful as always,

Her love, her beast fulfilled her dreams and they lived in peace.


Merida was the bravest of all,

And she always followed her heart,

She was kind, generous, loving and she also loved all.


Jasmine was a strong, brave heroine,

Who fell in love with a thief,

But she lived happily ever and after with her love Aladdin.


Ariel was a very adventurous girl,

Who came to land from water for her love,

Her dreams came true by staying on the land, though she was the ocean’s pearl.


Aurora was also known as sleeping beauty,

Who was in an enchantment,

But still her dreams came true for she was kind and so she lived with her love for eternity.


Rapunzel was very strong and brave,

And though she lived in a tower for many years with a witch,

She never gave up and got out of there and lived in the castle and stayed there with her love, happy and safe.


The beautiful Disney Princesses teach us about love and beauty,

And that, if we are kind and courages,

We can make our dreams come true and also to live our life in honesty.

2 thoughts on “Disney Princesses

  1. Hi Ally
    I love your poem about the Disney Princesses and what they teach us- it’s very inspiring.
    My next story is also about the Disney Princesses – except they are all grown up and they have real jobs in the real world and they pass on lots of wonderful advice to a young little princess who seems lost.
    It should be completed in about 2 or 3 weeks so please watch this space !
    You will be able to watch it on my you tube channel – which I will link to on this blog
    Best of luck with your stories
    Toy Stories

    Liked by 1 person

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